Non Pole


Non-pole Series: Vertical Joe's offers a variety of non-pole series offerings. There are opportunities to train in a class environment, shared session. New series begins every 6 weeks.

Hipnotik- $149.00 The perfect blend of Hula, Dancehall and ATL Bootyclap style! Learn how to seduce and entice by moving your hips & thighs! The Hipnotik series guarantees enchanted hip swag for all! 6 sessions plus show performance option. Minimum 3 Hip-notik drop in classes required. Includes 6 sessions, rehearsal and show option.

Lap Dance- $149.00 The Lapryderz series is back, sexier, sassier and riskier than ever. If you enjoy lap dance class you're going to love our lap series! 6 sessions plus show performance option. Minimum 3 Lap Dance classes. Includes 6 sessions, rehearsal and show option.

Lyra- $199.00 Try a new apparatus at Joe's. The aerial hoop will train new core strength, flexibility and endurance with our new circus inspired adventure. Minimum-Bottoms up and Ankle Grab required Includes 6 sessions, rehearsal and show option.

Seamstress: Vertical Joe's has the most fun sewing program in the South. Sundresses, maxis, exotic wear, costumes and more are mastered under master seamstress Anita of Destiny's Closet Apparel.

Attend our monthly Sewing for Newbies Workshop then attend the 1 Hour Outfit Drop Ins bi-weekly. Train privately or semi private and cater your sewing series to your own personal project. Put your finished products in our student Fashion Show. Begin your sessions at any time.

Sewing for Newbies- $30 or membership credit*
1 Hour Outfit- $30 or membership credit* 6 Sessions Shared- $199 6 Sessions Private- $249

Competition Program:
Want to take your pole dancing skills to another level? Train in our Competition Development program with our master trainers. Competition training develops skill, confidence, endurance and best of all titles. Learn everything to judging criteria, routine building, trick development plus meet pole stars exclusively through Vertical Joe's.
Requirements: Must meet criteria of an upcoming competition and committed to compete. $399= 6 sessions Includes coaching through the entire competition process. Music selection, rewuired moves, trick development, wardrobe consultation and more.

Believe it or not, everyone can train to increase flexibility. If you would like to develop you splits, backbends, forward bends, over splits or overall flexibility our stretch specialist have you covered.

6 Sessions- $199 Includes 6 1 on 1 sessions, development pics then progress to the next set of stretches.
6 Sessions Shared- $175 Includes 6 1 on 1 sessions with a partner, development pics then progress to the next set of stretches.
Instructor Training:
Want to learn how we developed our instructors, team building, brand and clientele. We will tell you all our secrets, plus train you on how to accomplish the same goals yourself.