Pole Series :


Pole Series : Series are available to begin at any time. Simply fill out a series interest form to begin.

Vertical Joe's Fitness has the best pole program in the south. Voted #1 in the region by Pole Dance International Magazine. Student's have a progressive program with detailed instruction, no pole sharing, curriculum guides, free practice hours and performance options. Some studios are more tricks based while others only teach a bunch of transitions. We are the best of both world's offering 2 programs for you to choose which style you want to master. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better we introduce to you the Vertical Joe's Pole Avenue... are you acrobatic, sensual or both! Complete one series and move up to the next level.
Acrobatic Route: Hello Pole, Inversion Institute, Poleography, Pole-fection, 5 Star 1, Acrobat 1, Acrobat 2, Acro Performance Pole 1, Acro Performance Pole 2, Bonus: Spinning Pole

Sensual Route:
Hello Pole, Inversion Institute, Pole Academy, Sensual Pole-ography, Polesque, 5 Star 1, 5 Star 2, Performance Pole 1, Performance Pole 2

Vertically Voluptuous:
Our latest series caters to women sizes 14-24 Stay tuned for more details!
Pole for Newbies and ability to climb required to begin series. Students from other studios can demo and be placed in a higher level series at Vertical Joe's!
Series cost is $199 & up, it includes 1 session weekly, flexible practice hours plus show option . To learn more about our series call 678 753 JOES or visit the studio & chat with us in person.
DO NOT REGISTER FOR SERIES WITHOUT TAKING NEWBIES or DOING DEMO FOR PLACEMENT. 1 on 1 Series also available speak with a Team VJs member for details! After attending newbies class.