Rentals & Bookings: We rent poles and book performers for events, parties and conventions.

How To Reserve Rental

Rental Rates All rates are per hour cost unless otherwise noted. Discounted rates, where offered, are based on frequency of rental and/or total use of the entire space. Long-term discount rates are negotiable. Pole rentals intended for practice and rehearsal, recreational, filming purposes only. No instructional training, parties or classes.
Security Deposit A Security Deposit Check of $150 will be required for studio rental use for rentals $500 & above. This deposit will not be credited to the rental fees. Security deposited will be credited toward late fees or damages and will be forfeited if rental is cancelled or rescheduled. Security deposit check will be returned to client following event.

Hourly rates:

  • Private Room/ Practice $25 1 pole (static/spin)
  • Private Room w/guest $50
  • Go Online, schedule party and pay deposit & reservation fee HERE under "private sessions"- follow the prompts.
  • Large Dance Room w/guest $75;per hour
  • Pole Room $200;per hour (permission only)
  • Food/ beverage +25 flat
  • Mic Rental +20 per hour
  • Chair Rental ,+1.00 per chair
  • Fog Machine +20 per hour
  • Aerial Rigging +20 per suspension
  • Aerial Equipment TBD
  • Missing pole tools/equipment +10



Our signature polished productions. For our feature acts, we perform a choreographed routine set to specific song. We provide the music, the props, the pole and the good time.

Featured Pole Act Solo: $299 per one song set Group: $199 per performer for a two - three song set

Featured Non-Pole Act (Burlesque, Chair Dance, Video Vixen Dance, Hooping) Solo: $175 per one song Group: $125 per performer for a two - three song set

Featured Non-Pole Act (Burlesque, Chair Dance, Video Vixen Dance, Hooping) Solo: $175 per one song Group: $125 per performer for a two - three song set

Featured Specialty Act Aerial Silks or Hoop: $300 & up Fire: $650 & up

Pole Rental with performance service included 1 pole. additional staff member attends all bookings for security purposes. $99 for each additional pole

Aerial Equipment Rigging $500.00 flat rate

(Non concert, television, convention rates events less than 100 people)


It's all about the atmosphere. Our go-go dancers provide ambient entertainment as they freestyle to whatever music your DJ spins. If you like, we can integrate a pole freestyle into the set.

Go-Go Platform Dancer $99 per hour per dancer, minimum 2 hrs

Go-Go Pole Performers $140 per hour per dancer, minimum 2 hrs

Add a Pole $99 pole rental set-up & breakdown additional $25 per hour per dancer


Have Vertical Joe's choreograph a routine for you or group to perform at your next showcase or event.

Text "booking" to Speak with VJs staff member for details.


Pole Rental $250 Weekend Rental-Includes delivery set up/breakdown 10ft non-invasive pole. Holds 299 lbs

Installation: Speak with a team member for consultation.

  • Select rental service then Text 678 753 JOES with item & date for availability
  • Once availability is confirmed speak with a party specialist
  • Go Online and pay deposit & reservation fee HERE under "store"- follow the prompts.
  • Be sure confirmation includes the DATE & TIME for your party. If this is not on your confirmation contact usimmediately because you ARE NOT booked or confirmed.
  • Rentals booked within 72 hours of party date are considered late bookings. Incur additional $75 charge.

ATL BOUNCE SHOE- Kangoo Rental

Kangoo Jumps Rental Pricing (Pair) $3/Day (minimum 30 Day Rental) Plus Shipping and Handling Model KJ-XR3 Black/Orang

Sizes Available

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large
  • Shoe Size:
  • Adult 4-6.5
  • Adult 7-9.5
  • Adult 10-12
  • Men 12-15
  • Requirements:

    A Signed Rental Agreement Shipping and Handling Paid for By the LesseeMinimum Order 10 Pairs of Shoes

    Deposit Required (Quote Given when quantity has been determined) 50% of Total Rental Fee Due once Order has been placed and 50% Due at Mid-Term of the Agreement