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December 13, 2020 1 min read 3 Comments

Vertical Joe's offers instructor trainings hosted by a variety of reputable brands in our aerial dance and fitness industry.  Gain CEUs and continue to elevate your craft.  For more info on trainings follow the links below or text training name to 678 753 5637 for more info.


Vertical Joe's Trainings 4-8 Hour trainings include Lapryderz, Twerk Technicians, Pole Dance Teacher Crash Course and more:

Lapryderz Instructors 4 Hour Instructor Chair/Lap Dance Course


Pole Dance Teacher 8 Hour Instructor Crash Course GET INFO


Twerk Technicians 4 Hour Instructor Course GET INFO



Xpert Pole and Aerial Trainings: 16 Hour Course

Spinning Pole, Pole 1/2, Pole 3/4, Aerial Silks, Hammocks and more!  GET INFO


Liquid Motion Trainings: 16-24 Hour Course GET INFO


Torwa Joe
Torwa Joe

3 Responses


September 19, 2021

Looking to book for a birthday party.

Alexandria Townsend
Alexandria Townsend

April 13, 2021

Looking for a pole/dance class for my 30th bday celebration on May 1 (3 people)—would love to treat my girls to a fun session

Lachelle Folston
Lachelle Folston

January 21, 2021

Hello Dancing Professional,

I’m interested in becoming a twerk instructor. I believe this website would be a great start. My information to contact me will be bellow. Can’t wait to start this great adventure with you all!

Email: Lachellefolston3@gmail.com
Phone: 321-978-2441
-Lachelle Folston

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